The Mahogany Blend Subscription

The Mahogany Blend Subscription

FREE SHIPPING (Only on subscriptions); Our Mahogany Blend, a premium dark roast, celebrates the varied beauty of Brazilian culture hinting towards inclusivity. Crafted with painstaking care, this mix reveals rich flavors, nutty undertones, and a velvety texture. Elevate your experiences with a powerful symphony that embraces inclusion and Brazil’s rich coffee culture.


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FREE SHIPPING (Only on subscriptions)

Premiering Mahogany Blend

Brazil is considered the most advanced and modernized coffee-producing nation in the world due to its harvesting and processing techniques and we Introduce to you our exquisite creation sourced from the finest land of Brazil. The Mahogany Blend; Premium Brazilian dark roast blend.


Brazilian Beauty in a Cup:

The name “Mahogany” pays homage to the captivating beauty of Brazilian women, celebrated for their diverse and rich-dark golden hues. It’s a nod to inclusivity and a celebration of the radiant colors found in the coffee beans and the beautiful women who inspire us. With each sip, you’re invited to join a journey that promotes love, appreciation, and a connection to the captivating essence of Brazil.

Crafting with a Toast to Brazilian Culture

Our Mahogany Blend is crafted with meticulous harvesting and processing techniques, showcasing the pinnacle of Brazilian coffee excellence. This premium dark roast embodies the spirit of Brazil, delivering a symphony of bold flavors and enticing aromas that will transport you to the lush landscapes where the beans are nurtured.

Dwell in dark velvet golden essence

The dark roast profile of this blend unveils a robust and full-bodied character, with hints of chocolate, nutty undertones, and a subtle smokiness. The beans are expertly roasted to perfection, resulting in a cup that boasts a velvety texture and a lingering, satisfying finish. Whether you prefer it black or with your favorite accompaniments, the Mahogany Blend stands as a testament to the rich coffee culture of Brazil.

Bold symphony and inclusive journey

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our Mahogany Blend – a coffee experience that transcends boundaries and embraces the beauty of Brazilian culture. Elevate your moments with this exquisite creation, where every cup is a celebration of craftsmanship, inclusivity, and the rich flavors that define the heart of Brazil.


12oz, 2lb


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