Unveiling Our Meaning and Identity

“Ebony”, an ode to the beauty and richness of African American hues.Our veteran and inclusive minority-owned brand by your own very outdoors aficionado, passionate, soulful, and charming Micheal Foster, invites you to savor not just coffee but a celebration of customs, culture, music, and the unique essence that makes us beautifully diverse.Ebony Beans, “forged with fire, roasted with distinction” captures the challenges and struggles of the black community, reflecting the determination to overcome adversity and mirrors the beauty and uniqueness that sets the black community apart. Each sip tells a story of the distinct flavor of a community that rises above with grace and power.

Beyond Coffee Cups

Healthful Delicious and Delightful experience

Our purpose doesn’t remain poignant to just fill your cup with our coffee, but our dexterous brewing of the coffee is filled with the purpose of elevating your palate and cultivating wellness. Allow our coffee to partake in your morning routine, giving you an exceptional experience of strength, a boost of energy, and a well-functioning metabolism as it is well known that coffee drinkers are 17% less likely to die early from any cause, 19% less likely to die from heart disease and 18% reduction in chances of developing cancer. We make to lift your spirit, make you ready for the day, and bring about a wide smile upon your face, after the first sip.

Ethical Sourcing with
No Ambiguity

Since 67% of Americans purchase coffee beans at their local grocery store. Have you ever found yourself pondering, during your coffee purchase, the origins of your brew? Here we believe great coffee starts with a direct connection to the source. Unlike the murky paths of traditional sourcing, our beans come straight from the farm to your cup. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you know exactly where your coffee comes from.

Ethical Sourcing and Exceptional Roasting

At ER Beans, we believe that quality coffee begins with ethical bean sourcing. Our high-quality beans are sourced from around the world and support the communities where they are grown. Our meticulous roasting process brings out the unique flavours of each bean, resulting in a rich and satisfying coffee experience. Our coffee has something to offer every coffee lover, whether you prefer bold and robust or smooth and mellow flavours.

Be The Change

Join Our Mission to Change the World, One Cup at a Time

Why choose Ebony Roasted Beans? Beyond the exceptional taste, we are on a mission to foster greater Ebony and minority presence in the coffee industry. Through education, access to capital, mentorship, and creating an inclusive environment, we’re paving the way for positive transformation.

ER Beans

Coffee with a Cause: Sip, Unite, Transform

In the symphony of daily life, where Americans consume a staggering 400 million coffee cups each day, we see more than a mere beverage. In the rich aroma and shared moments, we believe coffee possesses a unique power – the ability to weave threads of unity and positive change. With every carefully brewed cup, we transcend the ordinary, cultivating connections that resonate far beyond the coffee grounds, contributing to a tapestry of collective betterment.

Mission: Embracing inclusivity

Less than 3% of the 13,389 coffee companies in the US are minority-owned. Marking inclusivity, we urge coffee lovers to choose Ebony Roasted Beans. Not only do we offer exceptional taste, but we are also dedicated to promoting greater Ebony and minority presence in the coffee industry.

A Call to Sip with Impact: Be a Part of Richer Culture

At the heart of our mission is you, our valued consumer. Support our cause of being committed to championing diversity, you play a crucial role in helping us build a more inclusive and enriching coffee culture. We urge you to seek out and savor the rich experience we offer you. Our customers, who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, are our most valuable asset.

Harmonic Vision: Exploring Coffee tailored to your need

At Ebony Roasted Beans, we believe in a diverse and inclusive coffee culture. Our technology and equipment enable us to create unique blends that cater to the diverse tastes of our customers. We empower minority communities by providing training and resources for success in the coffee industry. Come join us in celebrating diversity, innovation, and social responsibility with every cup of coffee.

Ebony Outdoors:
Your Helping Hand and The Mentorship You Need

Beyond coffee, we’re mentors at heart. As a ‘teacher’ in spirit, our owner is committed to using our platform to provide job opportunities, and guidance, the pathway to your desired passion, and donations for the youth and individuals seeking personal and character growth. Join us not just for coffee but for a community dedicated to your journey of your own choice.
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